top 20 lithium ion battery manuafacturers globally

Using Google AI tool Bard, it was easy to get a table of the top 20 lithium Ion battery manufacturers. The top 2 companies for vehicle storage are Tesla and CATL. The table is updated from annual reports, news articles and other sources.

Top 20 Lithium Ion Battery Makers

CompanyCapacity (GW)CountryWebsite LinkWebsite
LG Chem120South KoreaLG Chem
Samsung SDI90South KoreaSamsung SDI
SK On80South KoreaSK On
Tesla70United StatesTesla
Svolt Energy40ChinaSvolt Energy
Farasis Energy30ChinaFarasis Energy
Envision AESC10ChinaEnvision AESC
Gotion High-Tech10ChinaGotion High-Tech
Sunwoda Electronic10ChinaSunwoda Electronic
Hitachi Chemical10JapanHitachi Chemical
Lishen Battery10ChinaLishen Battery
Sanyo Electric10JapanSanyo Electric
This list is based on the latest data available from industry sources. It is important to note that the lithium-ion battery manufacturing landscape is constantly evolving, and the rankings of individual companies may change over time.
You can update this list at Google Bard ChatGPT

How Accurate is Top 20 Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers Table?

The gigafactory announcements are constantly flowing, and so the total is varying constantly.

The IRA act has delivered a tsunami of gigafactories announcements. New factory capacity exceeds 3TW. Add to this list flow batteries and other battery technologies of over 100 GW per annum.

Tesla alone has stated its target is over 1,000 GW within 4 years.

Battery Physical Shapes

  1. Cylindrical: 18650, 26650, etc., with thin metal casing.
  2. Button or coin cells: most are not rechargeable, but we make coin cells to test rechargeable chemistries.
  3. Prismatic:
    • Type-1 is a roll of electrodes flattened to fit inside a rectangular metal can
    • Type-2 is a stack of pouch cells inside a rectangular can.
  4. Pouch cells: same as everything above, but flat and in a flat bag made of a laminated polymer film with aluminum foil.

Cell Batteries

tesla battery cells used in vehicles
Cell structure of Tesla 2170s and newest 4680 batteries

Pouch Batteries

CATL and many others have focused on pouch batteries

LiOn pouch cells

Physical Structure

top 20 battery manufacturers with differenct physical batteries
From Karl Young

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