Business consulting for growth and prosperity

If you want to bring insights, clarity and process to your business, then engaging a professional to provide business consulting might be the best decision all year? Whether you are a plumber, IT software designer, builder, travel agent, e-tailer, retailer or photographer, starting and running a business often deals with the same sort of issues. Not enough cash, not enough time to manage your business. Sound familiar?

Yet it need not be difficult.

Business Consulting Experience

I’ve started or been employed in over 10 businesses during the past 20 years and I’m still actively involved in 5 businesses and consulting to a number of other businesses.

Good people have helped me understand how to make difficult things simpler. Helping dozens of other business owners has provided experience and understanding. The process of getting clarity is usually straight forward but requires focus, honesty and a few insights. You will need to spend a few hours of planning over a month or so to understand what is required, and then time, focus and support to help you achieve your goals.

My clients often know what they need before I arrive.  So, why do they hire me?

Sometimes their knowledge is buried in the organization. The information exists at some level, but it hasn’t gotten to the right place or into the right form to inspire action. I help dig it out, refine it, and package it for decision making and execution.

Other times, decision makers feel they’re on the right track, but they’d like validation from an outside party. Is the organizational knowledge bubbling up (sideways, or down) accurate, current, and complete?

Fresh Perspectives

They could also be looking for a fresh perspective, one that isn’t tied to organizational practices or biases and business consulting can provide that service. It can be very stressful and hard in business.

In whatever role I find myself, I’m almost always amazed at how smart organizations can be. I might help refine or target their ideas, but they already have a collective wisdom that is pretty spot on.

A client has been in business for 50 years. They have staff who have been there pretty much from the beginning. So they have over 150 years of experience in their management team. But only 1 business. I have over 100 businesses that I know, and 10 that I have led.

So between us we learn together.

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