electrical management systems to optimise electricity

EMS or electrical management systems are key to the efficiency of electrical generation and storage systems. In this Podcast, Andy Tang tells the story of the island of Graciosa in the Azores Islands

  • The island of Graciosa in the Azore Island has a population of 4,700, with a megawatt size electricity grid
  • Had large diesel generation in engines (not Wartsila engines)
  • Wind and Solar renewable but frequently had to curtail them due to diesel constraints.
  • Wartsila reviewed the energy consumption and resources
  • Implemented island grid system EMS and added a 1 hour battery
  • Predicted wind and solar 24 future.
  • Renewable energy penetration went from 17% to over 60%
  • Massive fuel savings
  • Cost to the consumer fell by 10 c/kW ($100 MWh)

Cleantech Podcast with Andy Tang of Wartsila

In this Podcast from CleanTech Andy Tang explores that EMS are key to reducing CO2 emissions and provide robust electrical supply. From “microgrids” of 240,000 people in the Azores to utility-scale storage deployments around the world, Wartsila is a major player, just as they have been in the energy business with their engines for decades. Intelligent deployment of storage is a complex balancing act of asset lifetime and economic value,

  • Like telephones with peak times of calls during the day, the network has to be designed to this maximum.
  • Similarly, power networks have traditionally been designed for peak use. Therefore anything that manages this will optimise the total solution saves fuel and saves
  • Diesel engines can start or stop (like modern cars stopping at lights).
  • No downside of stopping or starting unlike gas peakers
Wärtsilä’s 200 MW power plant to provide critical grid balancing and back-up power to the national grid in Colombia

Front-Loading to Net Zero

Wärtsilä’s ‘Front-loading Net Zero’ report models cost-optimal pathways to 100% renewable power systems in different markets with vastly different socioeconomic dynamics, distinct energy systems, and challenges to overcome.