over 30 robotaxi manufacturers in 2022

Robotaxi manufacturers in 2022 numbers is slimmer than previous years. The technology challenges manufacturers. Many manufacturers promise autonomy but only a few have deployed their technology into fare-paying customers. There are over 33 robotaxi manufacturers still with a race to get to deployment for the majority.

It cannot come soon enough. A review of road accidents shows autonomous vehicles saves lives by reducing road accidents by over 4 times today and worth over $30billion just in saved lives and road trauma. For a full view, check out Robotaxis saves lives. Robotaxis will be a huge good business and disrupt the global car industry.

Who is the Leader of Robotaxi Manufactures in 2022?

Who is Closest to Market and Scale? There are some robotaxis that may have better technology. But who can scale manufacturing? The rise of LLM AI and end to end AI enable robotaxis. Deployment may be slow for most manufacturers.

  1. Tesla has 60,000 “Beta” testers of their “FSD” which would be level 4. The driving ability has become safer than humans.
  2. Tesla could deploy to the 4m cars they have produced The software requires hardware 3 or 4. Tesla could download FSD software and turn on. Tesla have hinted they will produce a dedicated robotaxi vehicle in 2025 – the model 2.
  3. Waymo has a product already fare paying. But they need to scale to other cities, and to other manufacturers.
  4. Pony.AI has operating services in 4 cities in China
  5. Cruise has robotaxis in 1 city and will be deployed by a GM specific vehicle
  6. Navya has self driving shuttles.

See the table below for more of the contenders and suppliers in this space.

Crowed Robotaxi Market

For a good detailed review vehicle manufacturers and their announcements (Link here)

Robotaxi Manufacturers in 2022 cross from manufacturers, to their technology providers
Image from GrayB https://www.greyb.com/autonomous-vehicle-companies/

Landscape of Robotaxi Manufacturers In 2022

A deceptive chart shows who is who. The chart puts Tesla at the bottom. Over 1m Tesla vehicles owners bought FSD Beta. Over 4 million Teslas could become robotaxis overnight, with FDS available in both hardware 3 and 4. Hotly contended given FSD from Tesla is to build the edge cases with real drivers. But shows the efforts of all. By the end of 2022, more companies have exited the development process.

leaders in robotaxi manufacturers in 2022
Source: Guidehouse Insights (previously Navigant Research https://guidehouseinsights.com/

The number of providers to this industry is huge.

number of contributors to autonomous vehicles
Participating and exhibiting companies at Automotive Lidar Sept 2020

Companies Developing Robotaxis

There are multiple companies developing Robotaxis over the past 20 years. Many have been started, then adsorbed by others.
SF=San Francisco - center of autonomous vehicles
Data from various including BuiltIn
For detailed view head to Grey B Review
Tesla2008Beta testingUSA60,000FSD with humans requiredTesla FSD program
Cruise2013BetaSF200Currently 10pm to 6am in San Fran, with volunteer. Soon to be commericalCruise
Waymo2009CommercialPhoenix, AR,
100Range of vehicles. Waymo and Zeekr, Geely’s, jointly develop BEV Europe
Volvo agreement
Other companies including Jaguar
Waymo One
Uses NVidia, Robotaxi services in Beijing. Uses ONTIME, GAC’s ride-hailing app.Pony partnered with Lexus, Hyundai, and Lincoln to pilot their unique techPony AI China
Zoox2014BetaSFPurchased by Amazon on demand mobilityZoox Vehicle
Navya2014ProductionLyon, France, Japan, Saudi10015 seat Shuttles at airports, communities, universities. with Leolis Navya shuttles
Kia-Hyundai2023PlanningSouth KoreaMotional- JV Hyundai and Aptiv and using Ioniq-5 vehicle 30 sensorsHyundai Robotaxis
Mobile-Eye2002Productionlaunch in Germany, Israel. Paris.Provide systems to 25+ vehicle manufacturesrs, with 100m and 300 models with Mobileye technologyMobileEye Iintel Company)
FordBetaAustin, Miami, Washington DCTechnology partner Argo AI, integrated into our Ford Escape Hybrid vehicle platformFord Autonomous
Audi2030Concept carsGermanyWill use NVidia stack. Testing in ChinaAudi
NVidia1998DeployedUSAProvides self driving hardware and software.Provide the full compute and AI to variety of manufacturers. Open NVIDIA DRIVE Software stackNividia Solutions
Huawei2025Moving to AV.China400Providing telecom solutions for autonomous carsHuawei Telecommunications
2020Pilot, deploy 2023US, Boston100,000 ridesPartners Lyft, Via, Uber Eats, Aptive, Hyundai.Motional
Voyage2017DeployedSFSenior citizens in retirement communities, but purchased by Cruise in 2021Cruise bought voyage-
Swift Navigation2012ProviderSFMillionsGPS provisioning, lane-level for autonomy and ADASSwift Automotive
Embark Trucks2016BetaSFdispatch fleets of driverless trucks and shipping vehiclesEmbark Self driving trucks-
Carmera2015ProviderSFHD mapping technology for use in self-driving vehicles. Crowd sourced, updated maps.nautCarmera Road Intelligence
Nauto2015ProviderSF800 brandsfleet safety platform, driver behavior tracking alerts, built-in incident reporting, and predictive collision alerting systemsNauto Predictive AI-
Ouster2015Digital LidarSF6000 shipped, 600 customers3D lidar sensor technology used in mining, automotive, truckngOuster Lidar
Unity Technologies2004ProviderSF3D tech and VR for use in AV simulatons and optimeseUnity Tools
WiTricity2007SupplierWatertown MAwireless charging essential for robotaxisWiTricity Wireless Charging
Arity2016Provideranalysis of driving and big dataArity telematics-
Magna (Optimus Ride)2015-2020ADAS systemsBostonfully autonomous shuttle service on campuses and small communities purchased by Magna. Magna has Lidar and ADAS systemsMagna - includes Optimus Ride
AutoX2016DeployedShenzen, Shanghai, Wuhan Wuhu, + Silicon Valley.500Operating. USA Based San JoseAutoX
Aurora / Uber2009Sold to AuroraSFGiven up developing themselves. Sold to AuroraAurora Self Driving
ABB1988ProviderColoradoProvide range of products for self driving cars. Purchased ASTI mobility robotsABB electrification for AVs
CloudMade2008ProviderSFAutomobile personalization technology and smart AI technologiesCloud Made OEM
Lumotive2018Lidar providerSeattleenvironmental scanning tech is integrated with beam steering systemsLumotive
Seeva Technologies2016Lidar extraSeattleThermal adjustment and cleaning technologies to keep the line of vision clear.Seeva Technoligies
Reality AI2015New York CitySound sensors. Partners Denso,Reality AI product
DeepScale2015AISFintegrate deep neural network technologies with self-driving technology. Bought by TeslaTesla aquires DeepScale
HAAS Alert2015Emergency RespondersChicagoSafety Cloud communicates road safety data to and from their networks. Stellantis. WazeHaaS Alert system
Nodar2018ProviderBoston 3D peripheral sensors for driverless vehiclesNodar long range 3D vision
Nexar2015Provider dash cams1000 cities, 95% of US freewaysLinking their cameras with computer components that are already in cars today, in fleetsNexar Car Cams
AEye2013Lidar providerAI driven adaptive LiDAR, 4Sight targets and processes information in real-time, delivering faster, more accurate and reliable data. Partners Continental,AEye Lidar
May Mobility2017ShuttlesArlington, Ann Arbor, Hiroshima, Japan, Detroit, and Grand Rapids25 shuttles, 300k ridesPartners with Toyota, Bridgetone, fleet management,May Mobility Shuttles
Argo AI2016Provider, Lidar, AV system.Detroit, Munich, Miami, Palo Alto, Pittsburgh, D.C., and AustinBuilds cloud infrastructure including maps, software, and hardware for a complete platform for self-driving cars. Partners include VW, Ford, Lyft, Walmart, Argo AI -
WeRide2017L4 AI technology, with OEMsGuangzhouOver 10m km, 147,000 trips, 60,000 passengers. Funded Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.We Ride
Nuro2016deployed delivery vehicleCA, USA3rd Gen, small delivery van, for food and services.With heating / cooling compartments.Nuro Delivery Robo Vans
Otonomo2015deployedIsrael.50m vehicles.Data mining. mapping, EV recharging, usage-based insurance, emergency services, parkingOtonomo Data
Hesai Technology2015Lidar, providerChinaQT128 is an ideal blind spot solution for L4 applications such as robotaxis and robotrucks. Partnered with SAIC, Zoox.Hesai Technology
Einride2016DeployedSwedenSelf-driving Einride Pod and E-Truck. freight hauling and trucking. Customers Coke, Michelin, Svenska,Eiride Trucking
Momenta2016Software Self Driving developmentBeiingSelf driving for private vehicles. Open solution.Monenta China

Robotaxi Trucks

Some businesses focus on trucks. Kodiak focuses on this market segment with their rationale is that driving is dangerous. Every year, over 400,000 truck-related accidents on US highways occur

autonomous trucks saves lives