disruption with chatGPT large language models

Exponential improvement of large language models including ChatGPT means disruption with ChatGPT is underway. Will it affect you? Absolutely. Artificial intelligence is one piece of the technology jigsaw in disruption in work and leisure. AI has been researched for 3 decades. Tony Seba from RethinkX in his 3 disruptions with 8 technologies or Cathy Wood from Ark Invest (5 disruptions ) have seen and spoken about this technology is core to disrupting industries as we know it.

Most still do not even know what it is. But just as when smartphones came along, many said they won’t use those new-fangled phones. “My Nokia or landline is fine”. But it will happen faster than they know.

  • They’ll be in your car, your phone, and your TV
  • Waiting on the other end of the line any time you try to phone a company.
  • Microsoft has used ChatGPT to create code for robotic arms and quadcopter drones from simple text commands given by humans.
  • Tesla is developing Optimus which will use natural language.
  • A startup company Figure has a bipedal robot and it uses ChatGPT to converse.

Companies Developing Large Language Models

Verge has a full list of companies developing large language models

OpenAIChatGPT3.3/GhatGPT4.0While originally not for profit has changed to for profit. Musk invested $100m, Microsoft recently $1B
Co-Pilot for 365 product line
Licensed from OpenAi and incorporated into Bing and intended into all of their product line
SlackLicensed from OpenAi
Bain & CompanyLicensed from OpenAi
QuizletLicensed from OpenAi
CococolaLicensed from OpenAi
Stanford UniversityUsing open source have developed a variant open sourceDeveloped Alpacha for $600
ApplePossibly using SIRIUnclear what strategy Apple will use. Has OpenAi models
Meta (facebook)GalacticaFacebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp
Amazon / Startup Hugging FaceBloomAmazon is supporting a startup to bring chatGPT (Bloom) to their customers and own products.
AnthropicClaudeA group of ex Open AI executives who are developing their own
AlibabaWorking on it since 2017, but not yet a product
BaiduErnie BotBaidu is developing robotaxis as well.
YouChatYouChatfrom some salesforce execs
Jasper AIUsing OpenAIGenerating blot and articles

Example of Disruption with ChatGPT in the Legal Profession

If you are a lawyer and normally spend 8 hours preparation of a brief, and chat gpt-law does it in 3 minutes and you spend an hour to refine, how will you charge? Time?

So I asked Microsoft’s Bing about the use of chatGPT

Here’s what BingGPT says about the use of ChatGPT in the legal system. Here is what it said.

GPT can potentially improve many areas in legal tech, including legal search, auto-populating feature and legal contract clause databases, customer support, and access to justice and legal advice ¹. Other legal use cases would be to incorporate GPT into legal chatbots or virtual assistants or to create form documents. By training the model on various legal scenarios and questions, GPT can generate accurate responses to common legal inquiries ². Chat GPT can also be used as a tool for legal writing, as it can help lawyers generate summaries and draft documents ⁴.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 3/20/2023

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Insane Cost Down of AI

OpenAI has spent hundreds of millions developing to this stage. The computing cost for these LLMs is enormous. Standford enhanced this for $600 and released this to increase understanding and to enable researchers to advance this further. Ark Invest estimates that a AI model currently costs $30 million but will drop to $80 by 2030.

Example of Alpaca 7B from Stanford