Coal plants globally increasing is wrong information

Coal plants are increasing globally is false information but that does not stop the coal lobby and anti-renewable lobby from promoting the opposite of this data. They buy into this misinformation as it suits their agenda that renewable energy is unreliable or expensive, or a host of climate denier arguments.

  • Outside China, the global coal fleet shrank for the fourth year in a row. More than half (56%) of the 45 gigawatts of newly commissioned coal capacity was in China. This graph shows China’s share of coal under development increased in 2021 by 7% to 55% (251 GW), now accounting for over half of the capacity under development in the world for the first time.
  • Coal plants given a close-by date nearly doubled to 750 coal plants (550 GW).
  • Only 170 plants (89 GW), or 5% of the operating fleet today, are not covered by a phase-out date or carbon neutrality target.

Global Energy Monitor Data

The full report should be downloaded from the website of Boom and Bust Coal 2022 at

  • World 2,400 coal-fired power plants operating
  • 79 countries
  • Total of 2,100 GW of capacity.
  • 176 GW of coal capacity under construction at more than 189 plants
  • 280 GW is in pre-construction at 296 plants.
  • In 2021, the operating coal fleet grew by a net 18.2 GW
  • From the full report from Global Energy Monitor

Coal Plants Are Increasing Globally is False Information From Global Energy Monitor

Coal Plants Are Increasing Globally is False Information from this Global energy Monitor
The decline of Coal: by David Hoffman on April 2022

Retirement of Coal Plants

  • U.S.
    • 16.1 GW in 2019
    • 11.6 GW in 2020
    • 6.4 GW to 9 GW in 2021
  • European Union’s 27 member states retired a record 12.9 GW in 2021
    • Germany (5.8 GW)
    • Spain (1.7 GW)
    • Portugal (1.9 GW). Portugal became coal free in November 2021, nine years before its targeted 2030 phase-out date.