Renewable Energy

Renewable energy discussion

PV panels booming production

PV Panels Supply Booming

The IRA USA within 12 months has driven over 100GW of production capacity with announcments and operating factories. Along with China and India production pv panels are booming.

hydropower reduction from Climate Change

Hydropower Reductions

Hydro has been the mainstay of renewable energy but droughts from climate change has reduced the energy produced by 250TWh – Spains electric demand.

heat pumps for energy

Heat Pumps For Energy Savings

Heat pumps or air conditioners were invented in the early 1900’s and now are the most cost effective for heating and cooling. Replace gas heat systems with heat pumps reduces energy demand by 3 times.

ethanol worse than gasoline for climate change

Ethanol Worse than Gasoline for Global Warming

Is ethanol worse than gasoline for global warming? Turns out it is worse! A recent publication showed that corn ethanol compared with petroleum products increased: So while it is clear ethanol mixtures for gasoline is bad policy, ethanol continues to be used in transportation due to the large influence of agriculture in energy policy. In …

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