France carpark solar

A French law was passed in late 2022 that for car-parks over 80 spaces, the carpark had to cover 50% in solar panels and this has highlighted a contrast between France Solar Carparks vs Nuclear. The law came into effect July 2023

The new law has mandated the following:

  • Carparks with 80 to 400 spaces. All new and existing carparks by 2028
  • Parking lots with >400 spaces will have to be in compliance by 2026,
Solar from Microgrid Media

How big is this – France Solar Carparks vs Nuclear Power

“If solar panels cover half of France’s parking lots, they’ll have an installed capacity of between 6.75 gigawatts and 11.25 gigawatts, at a cost of between $8.7 billion and $14.6 billion, according to the official analysis of the legislation. France’s 56 nuclear power plants each have a capacity of slightly over 1 gigawatt on average — and the one under construction in Flamanville has ballooned in cost to $14 billion, according to the latest estimate — roughly the same as the entire solar expansion.

Washington Post

Benefits of Solar Car parks

Microgrid Media point out the benefits of solar car parks in addition to the renewable energy. Solar panel parking lots offer a wide range of benefits for individuals, businesses, and the community. These projects can increase property values, create jobs, improve air quality, reduce carbon footprints, and protect us from rising energy costs. 

Moreover, solar can provide car chargers for their customers.


Now You Know Episode 271

In this brief segment, they talk about the conseqences