USA Electricity is Going Renewable

The latest IEA monthly report demonstrates the speed USA electricity is going renewable energy – rapidly. Almost all new energy (99.6%) of USA’s 55.9 GW net utility-scale capacity additions (additions minus retirements) in the next 12 months will be solar, wind, batteries and other RE. Gas net addition is the only other addition of 0.358 GW. The data comes from EIA Monthly Power Monthly.

Total fossil fuel capacity (coal, gas, oil etc) falls by 2.68 GW as retirements exceed new additions. No coal is added, and 2.59 GW is to be retired in next 12 months. Gas nearly has as many retirements as new additions, with a net increase of just 358 MW.

  • New utility-scale solar skyrockets to 36GW, up ~150% compared to 2022.
  • Batteries add 12.3GW, up from 5.4GW.
  • Onshore wind adds 6.6GW & Offshore wind 2.1GW

In an article renewable energy has taken up all new energy demand over the past decade, although Ember-Climate suggests peak emissions will occur in 2023/24 as fossil fuel plants start being replaced with solar wind and batteries.

Which states is USA Electricity Going Renewable?

USA Electricity Going Renewable in most USA states
Energy Information Administration

Rapid Change in Renewable Energy

Only 12 months ago, the USA was a laggard. No more. The IRA Act has spurred growth.

USA saw coal generation fall by over a third between 2015 and 2022. However, the total fossil share fell by only 7% as gas generation expanded in the same period. Wind and solar have shown strong recent growth, generating 15% of electricity in 2022, above the global average. The US has lagged on energy transition compared to other advanced economies, with 60% of electricity still from fossil fuels.

Ember-Climate Global Electricity Review 2023
usa electricityy is going renewable by 2050 EIA projections
EIA projections Mar 2023 for various scenarios


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