Disruption is combination of technologies

Robotic Surgical revolution vicarious surgical

Robotic Surgery Revolution

Robotic surgery is saving lives but is a the beginning of the robotic revolution. Vicarious Surgical is planning to use their robot to do surgery from the inside for hernia repair. Surgery is currently 97% manual

active transport challenges - reclaiming our cities

Active Transport Challenges

Transport planners globally talk about active transport challenges to get people out of cars and into active transport (Walking, mobility devices, public transport. Cities have been designed for transport by cars, not for people.

IEA forecasts wrong again

IEA Forecasts Wrong by 7 Times

IEA have consistently under forecast the increase in solar panels (PV) globally by 7,000 times. in 2009, they forecast just 30GW of solar. In 2023 there will be over 440 GW installed. How do they get is so wrong?

food disruption impacts

Food Disruption Impacts

The food revolution by precision fermentation will be the most profound of the 4 disruptions occuring. By 2030 the dairy industry will be bankrupt. By 2035 land used for beef and dairy farming will be not used.