Batteries for EV vehicles

Grid battery rapid growth

Grid Batteries Rapid Increase

The latest figures from Tesla show a rapid increase in the amount of grid storage deployed globally in the first quarter of 2023. Over 160GWh backlog in Tesla orders and over 300GWh projects announced for all batteries

Nano Silicon Anode for Batteries

Nano silicon for the battery anode is a recent development leading to a 15% increase in energy density and avoiding the use of graphite in the batteries. Sila Technologies is ramping up production to 150GWh per year over then next 5 years.

flow Battery technologies vanadium iron zinc bromine

Flow Batteries using Vanadium Iron Zinc-BR or HBr

Flow batteries are a valid option for community and grid based storage. The advantages of low life, simple expansion works. Vanadium, iron, or zinc bromine based flow batteries will not be used in vehicles but deliver great grid and micro grid storage battery solutions.