usa battery gigafactories for over 15 million vehicles

Major car manufacturers have announced USA Battery gigafactories over the past 6 months. It takes a few years to build a factory, and then they need to have the supply of materials such as lithium.

  • Existing factories provide enough batteries for about 5m vehicles
  • Newly announced factories could provide enough batteries for a further 10m vehicles
  • Given the existing vehicle demand is for 20 million cars a year, this suggests that 75% of all new cars could be electric by 2025 / 2026.
  • There is a demand for batteries in other applications. Trucks consume 10x more than cars. Stationary storage requires TWh needed by 2030. These manufacturers will have more demand than supply.

Update Sept 2023

The onshoring of battery manufacturing for EVs started as a trickle during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it’s a tsunami. In 2019, just two battery factories were operating in the United States with another two under construction. Today there are about 30 battery factories either planned, under construction or operational in the country. (TechCrunch)

The IRA requires that 60% of the value of battery components be produced or assembled in North America in 2024 to qualify for half of the tax credit, $3,750. That percentage will increase to 100% starting in 2029. To get the remaining half, 50% of the value of critical materials must be sourced from the U.S. or a free trade agreement country in 2024 and 80% from 2027 to 2032.

Grid storage factories are also in construction – redox flow batteries, Iron air batteries, Liquid Metals batteries

Map of USA Gigafactories

USA battery gigafactories according to Anson Resources
Latest map of Battery Gigafactories (as per Anson Resources ASN.ASX June 2022 announcements)

Existing USA Battery Gigafactories & Capacity

RankCompanyLocationStart DateCapacity GWhExpandedCarsNotes
1Panasonic-TeslaGigafactory 1, Nevada, US20163539520,000by 2021
2LG Energy Solution (LG Chem)Holland, Michigan, US2013324320,000By 2028
3Envision AESCSmyrna, Tennessee, US201228110,000By 2028
4Imperium3Imperium, New York, US2019315200,000
5SAFTJacksonville, Florida, US20111120,000
6A123 SystemsUS Plant 1, Michigan, US20200.150.1510,000
7A123 SystemsUS Plant 2, Michigan, US20210.150.1510,000
8Samsung SDIAuburn Hills, MI, US0production and sales
9Ultium (GM-LG Chem)Lordstown, Ohio, US20223030400,000
10SK Innovation2nd Plant, Georgia, US202311.712160,000US ban on SKI for 10 years except for VW and Ford puts plants in doubt
11Do Floride Chemicals DFD / KORE Power1010140,000Energy Storage applications
12SK InnovationCommerce, Georgia, US20229.820270,000US ban on SKI for 10 years except for VW and Ford puts plants in doubt
13TeslaAustin, Texas, US2022502002,670,000CY, MY, M3 (2m x 75kw) capacity 4m cars
14TeslaGigafactory 2, Buffalo, New York, US20202460,000Energy Storage applications
15TeslaFremont, California202110140,000Vehicle, expansion planned
16Akasol – Gigafactory 2Detroit, Michigan, US20210.4230,000by 2023
18MicrovastClarksville, Tennessee, US202220Fast charging
Data from ABB Supply (with additions from other PR releases) . Note that as per map above announcements do not always translate to actual!

Newly Announced Gigafactories

Along with the existing plants, a spate of announcements have extended the list.

FordNortheast of Memphis, TN20250
Ford & SK InnovationGlendale, Kentucky202586861,150,000$5.8 billion plant – 3 plants, of 11,000 jobs
Ford & SK InnovationStanton Kentucky20264343580,000Includes new F150 plants, $7b Ford, $4.4 SKI
General Motors & LG ChemLordstown, OH20221001,340,000Expected 1m vehicles
General Motors & LG Energy SolutionSpring Hill, TN202350670,000Unknown
General Motors & PoscoTBA202450670,000JV with POSCo, $35B planned
General MotorsTBA, maybe Michigan202450670,000Anounced 2 more factories
General MotorsWarren, Michigan202250670,000Battery Cell
General Motors / MP MaterialsVegas, Nevada, Fort Worth TX20220Rare Earth magnets for 0.5m vehicles
SK InnovationCommerce, Georgia20229.81001,340,000Planned to be 200GWh by 2025, and 500GWh by 2030
SK InnovationNortheast of Atlanta, GA202311.71001,340,000
Stellantis & LG Energy SolutionTBD20244040540,000Stellantis to have 260GWh by 2030
Stellantis & Samsung SDITBD20252340540,000Start in 2025, Stellantis €30 billion
ToyotaSoutheast of Greensboro, NC20251060800,000Enough for 200,00 vehicles, expand to 1.2m pa
VolkswagenChattanooga, TNTBD
From Cleantechnica and other sources.

What is a Gigafactory

A gigafactory is a coined expression from Tesla who suggest that the factory is the technology. A driving down of costs of batteries to well under $100/kw means an electric vehicle will be cheaper than an internal combustion vehicle.

USA Battery Gigafactories by Syrah Resources (SYR:ASX)

usa battery gigafactories as per syrah resources
From Syrah Resources Dec 2021 Report on Operations says 635 GWh of capacity.

Ioneer Graphic of USA Battery Gigafactories

From Ioneer ioneer RIU Sydney Resources Round-up Presentation presentation May 2022 at

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