Mineral Resources are critical for supply of raw materials used renewable energy transformation

steel from aluminium waste

Steel from Aluminium Waste

Red mud is a hazardous waste from aluminium production and research is underway to extract the steel from aluminium waste. Using waste product from the aluminium industry to produce valuable green steel is promising. Can it scale from lab scale to production in a timely manner – technically and economically? The world’s most-produced metals, iron

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cobalt in batteries supply

Cobalt in Batteries

Cobalt is used in Lithium ion nickel batteries as the cathode.  Globally, 98% of cobalt is a byproduct of copper or nickel . In copper it’s 60% of that market. And in nickel’s case, it’s around 38%. Cobalt is essentially an accidental metal. New EV battery technologies do not use cobalt, but most mobile phones

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