Mineral Resources are critical for supply of raw materials used renewable energy transformation

Top 8 Lithium Miners by 2024

Top 8 Lithium Miners by 2024

With established miners extracting lithium, who will be some of the up and coming miners. Here are 8 of them. There are another 150 miners globally.

Platinum Group Metals PGM or PGE

Platinum Group Metals PGM or PGE

Platium, palladium and other PGM are used in catalytic converters and others are in renewable energy systems. With most of the supply from South Africa and Russian, Australian miners are keen to supply.

Is there enough lithium for hard rock mining

Is There Enough Lithium to meet Demand

When you dig into the supposed shortfall of lithium for EV and grid energy industry, it is clear that there is enough lithium to meet the demand although it will take time to come on stream.

Green Steel From Fortescue Minerals with green hydrogn

Green Steel From Fortescue Minerals

What is FMG ulitimate goal? To change his low cost iron ore exports to China and turn it into green steel manufactured in Australia and exported globally? The company has been busy setting up deals and purchasing technology.

direct lithium extraction technology low carbon

Direct Lithium Extraction

Direct Lithium extraction (DLE) provides faster extraction of lithium from brines, reduction of costs, increased recovery and opportunity for reduction in energy and carbon inputs.

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