PV panels booming production

The demand for renewable energy sees pv panels supply booming in USA, China, India and multiple countries. The rise indicates that solar installations are now in an exponential phase, as forecast by Tony Seba of RethinkX in 2013


India is funding local production with about 40GW currently, although much of the components are sourced from overseas . Their target of 60GW would enable them to meet their national goal of over 200GW capacity by 2030.


China has continued its remarkable increase in supply and installations

From @hannahritchie Time taken to add 1GW of solar PV globally ☀️
2000: more than a year, 2010/11: two weeks 2015: one week Now: less than a day

EU and ROW

A few other countries have small boutique PV panel production. In context, every GW of panels produced reduces fossil fuel use in electricity production and in 2023 CO2 emissions from coal and gas will start to decline. Many countries have small or boutique manufacturers or assemblers. Many are considering building their own for sovereigty but it needs money time and supply chains.

EuropeMostly R&DList of top 10 solar mfts
Turkey4th largest in world Behind Vietnam and Sth Korea
AustraliaTiny. 1 factory in Sth AustraliaAlthough invented in australia, production went to China

USA PV Solar panels supply booming

President Joe Biden signed the IRA in August 2022. In just 12 months over 51 solar factories have been announced or expanded in the US. The investment from IRA exceeds $20 billion that flows into US communities

New production capacity across the solar supply chain is more than 155 gigawatts (GW). USA production includes:

  • 85 GW of solar panel capacity
  • 43 GW of solar cells
  • 20 GW of silicon ingots and wafers
  • 7 GW of inverter capacity . (Reuters)
PV solar panels supply booming in the usa due to IRA

600 GW Installed in 2024?

Which Countries Produce PV panels

Data from Statista – China dominates production. https://www.statista.com/statistics/668749/regional-distribution-of-solar-pv-module-manufacturing/

Panel Prices Fall 25% in 2023

For the fifth month in a row, module prices fell further by around 6% on average. The ongoing decline in prices has led to an overall average reduction of 25% across all module technologies since the start of the year.
PV Exchange Aug 2023

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