hydrogen for home heating

A recent study reviewing hydrogen for home heating came to the conclusion it was not a good option. The paper is Seasonal hydrogen storage for residential on- and off-grid solar photovoltaics prosumer applications: Revolutionary solution or niche market for the energy transition until 2050? was published in Applied Energy.

There are many advocates for hydrogen but some borders on being a cult. The model was for energy out to 2050 and the diagram shows the components of the model.

hydrogen for home heating model components
Modellng components of home energy systems. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0306261923003732#f0005

Their conclusions for hydrogen for home heating were:

  • Strong seasonality lowers self-consumption ratio in PV prosumer systems.
  • Heat demand and electric vehicles require micro on-site sector coupling.
  • Seasonal hydrogen storage offers only limited solution for bottlenecks.
  • Globally, PV and battery systems offer best cost advantage for majority of regions.
  • Seasonal storage only required in Nordic countries for off-grid operation

Only a few regions could be identified with a seasonal hydrogen storage system in the least cost solution, either due to very high seasonality or high energy demand, and only if the system is forced to work in off-grid operation. If grid connection is allowed, no region globally could be found with hydrogen as part of a least cost solution until 2050.

Keiner et al 2023 Applied Energy

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