Electric Vehicles for Decarbonisation of the Transport Sector

smartphone makers make cars

Smartphone Maker Making Cars

Smartphone companies have moved into making Electric vehicles, teaming up with traditional car manufacturers. Xiaomi joins Huwaei, Foxconn, and Oppo in releasing an EV.

Electric bus rapid growth

Electric Bus Rapid Growth

Electric buses costs have fallen in price. Charging is easier and cities globally are replacing dirty stinking diesel buses with clean zero emissions battery EV buses at 30% CAGR

Electric ship with 700 TEU and 36 batteries

Electric Ships

Coastal shipping with swap out electric container batteris have always been proposed to decarbonise shipping. Now the first 2 by Cosco are in production. 36 batteris, 24 Tonne CO2 per day less emissions

Global EV Surge 2023 Q1

EV Surges 2023 Q1

Electric battery vehicles (BEV) continue their exponentional growth in Q1 2023 with some countries (Norway) over 90% and China, the largest car market globally over 30% new sales BEV

fully electric or hybrid

Fully Electric or Hybrid

Toyota argues that for emissions reduction hybrids are more effective than battery electric vehicle as more can be manufactured as batteries are constrained. Greenwashing.

top 20 chinese manufactures

Top 20 China EV Manufacturers

The top 20 Chinese EV manufactures incresased sales by 82% from 2021 to 2022 and most of these sales were domestic. As the domestic market increases, more of these will be exported to other countries