Electric Vehicles for Decarbonisation of the Transport Sector

best-selling cars in USA

Best-Selling Vehicles in USA in 2022

The top 10 vehicles sales in the USA are driven by pick-up trucks – large vehicles that are perculiar to the USA markets. SUV are the more common vehicle in the rest of the world.

electric motor scooters

Uptake of Electric Motor Scooters is Rapid

Electric motor scooter uptake is rapid in China and India and expected t be as rapid in other countries with high numbers of scooters such as Indonesia and Vietnam. Cheaper. Easy to charge and zero emissions are reasons Govt are keen to see the change.

Tesla Supercharger Network Billion Dollar Returns

Tesla could become the next “petrol” company with over $30 billion of revenue by opening up its supercharger network to all EV cars. The latest deal with Govt opens up billions in grants to provide 500,000 chargers across the USA

Ten reasons hydrogen cars are dead

Ten Reasons Hydrogen Cars are Dead

Hydrogen fuel cell cars are still promoted but they will be dead within 2 years due to emissions as bad as petrol cars, poor infrastructure and rapid improving charging and range with battery electric cars.

Toyota No-EV Strategy fails Japan

Toyota No-EV Strategy Risks Japan’s Economy

Cars are a major contributor to Japans economy with 5.5m or 24% of employees, and contribute 14% of all exports. Toyota’s no-ev strategy could mean Japan loses 14% of its GDP and $700 billion of exports as other EV makers overtake Toyota globally.