Robotaxis are autonomous vehicles and probably will provide transportation as a service (TaaS)

Autonomous vehicles saves lives

Autonomous Vehicles Saves lives

Autonomous vehicles saves lives is without question with current data showing 6 times less accidents per million miles driven. Widespread adoption will save Australia alone $30 billion per year with 1400 less deaths and 46,000 less hospitalization.

Tesla makes robotaxis economic

Tesla makes Robotaxis Economic

Simple napkin maths says that Tesla makes robotaxis economic. In fact the numbers are so high they are just not believable? So what is stopping this? Politics? Technology. The only thing seems to be timing. Will it be this year? 2024?

autonomous cars by 2023

Autonomous Cars by 2023

Ten issues say why autonomous cars will be here by 2023. Rapid rise of EV sales, the money invested in research and development and will lead to biggest consumer boom ever.