tesla insurance opportunity

Tesla Insurance Opportunity

Tesla has established an insurance business, and the value of insurance could be 5 times more than just selling the car by itself. The margin from the insurance business could be bigger than the revenue from full self driving software, face lower barriers to adoption and reduce costs to customers.

EV Pickups are coming in 2022 to 2025

EV Pickups are Coming

Electric pickup trucks are coming. In China they are here already, but the love affair of the Pickup in USA or Australia, from big to small is coming over then next 4 years.

Global car sales by country revenue and numbers

Global Car Sales

Who are the major car manufacturers globally, and what disruption will be coming with electric vehicles. Who will be the winners and loser?

Tesla makes robotaxis economic

Tesla makes Robotaxis Economic

Simple napkin maths says that Tesla makes robotaxis economic. In fact the numbers are so high they are just not believable? So what is stopping this? Politics? Technology. The only thing seems to be timing. Will it be this year? 2024?

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