Bard AI Model from Google

The race for the best AI large language model (LLM) is well and truly underway the launch of the new Bard AI model from Google at the company’s I/O ’23 conference. The undated PaLM 2 model leapfrogs its predecessor on pretty much every metric, according to Googles technical report, but Google chose to highlight three areas in which it believes the new model’s particularly strong.

  1. Language. 40 of them, and more to come.  Give it a problem in English and get it back in Farsi multilingual capabilities. It’s now outperforming Google’s own Translate engine, and displaying a subtle understanding of languages, idioms, metaphors and the cultures behind them. It passes professional language tests 
  2. Better reasoning – in logic, common sense and mathematics
  3. Coding -Google claims PaLM 2 is super-capable with Python and Javascript, but also very strong in a range of more specialized programming languages such as C++, C
  4. Integration. It now links with Gmail and Google docs. But you can now use Bard alongside Google Lens to make requests like: “Write a funny caption about this image”. Or, for Google Maps, request potential university locations in a given area and be shown the results then even have them transition over to a spreadsheet in Google Sheets too.

Bard AI from Google States its Benefits

Asking Bard on how it can improve Gmail it responds

  • Composing emails: Bard can help you to compose emails more quickly by suggesting phrases and sentences, as well as by correcting grammar and spelling errors. For example, if you are writing an email to a client, Bard can suggest phrases like “Thank you for your email” or “I hope this email finds you well.” Bard can also correct grammar and spelling errors, which can help you to avoid embarrassing mistakes.
  • Responding to messages: Bard can help you to respond to messages more efficiently by suggesting responses, as well as by summarizing the contents of a message. For example, if you receive a message with a long list of questions, Bard can summarize the questions and suggest responses. This can save you a lot of time and effort.
  • Scheduling meetings: Bard can help you to schedule meetings more easily by suggesting times and locations, as well as by inviting participants. For example, if you need to schedule a meeting with a client, Bard can suggest times and locations that are convenient for both of you. Bard can also invite participants to the meeting, which can save you a lot of time.

ChatGT versus Bard AI

Check out the Twitter user @itsPaulAi.  He says ChatGPT has now a big problem.  Google with its update to its free competitor, Bard and stated 8 reasons. However there are more than this.

Here are 14  things impossible on ChatGPT but that Bard can do (for free):

  1. Search on the internet (not just to 2021)
  2. Voice input
  3.  Export the generated text to Google Docs or Gmail
  4. Making summaries of web pages
  5. Provide multiple drafts of its response
  6. Explain code
  7. See searches related to your prompt
  8. Plan your trips
  9. Provides industry specific LLM, such as medicine where it is already provides better information than doctors.
  10. Better reasoning
  11. Better maths than ChatGPT4
  12. Accessible in 180 countries
  13. Starting to understand images – adding to things such as Google Lens
  14. Better translation that Google Translate

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