European battery Gigafactory

European car manufacturers have announced a number of European battery gigafactories over the past 2 years. There are older factories, but the race is on to rapidly increase supply chains. Factories take a 2 years to build and they need supply of materials such as lithium or graphite. The manufacturers are signing up new miners for a range of minerals and battery manufacturers. They are looking for low carbon batteries and minerals such as graphite.

  • Existing factories provide enough batteries for about 4m vehicles
  • Newly announced factories could provide enough batteries for a 13m vehicles
  • European existing vehicle demand is 20 million cars a year. Could 100% of all new cars be electric by 2025 / 2026?

Tesla is producing electric semi-trucks, which use more than 10 times the amount of batteries of an average electric car. Tesla in July 2023, announced plans to build a new factory, more than 30% larger than the existing factory. Various have expected that the battery production will supply cells for stationary storage applications like Powerwalls, Powerpacks, and Megapacks.

Announcements Does Not Mean Construction

In an article in June 2022, Energy Storage reports some European gigafactory projects “revising plans”. Lithium supply has been a limiting factor and some anticipated gigafactories are quietly revising their plans and may not open. Note that the annual figures in 2030 are still expected to be fives times’ higher than 2020 deployments (Delta-EE).

European Battery Gigafactories

RankCompanyLocationStart DateCapacity GWhExpandedCarsNotes
1LG Energy SolutionWroclaw, Poland20184570940,000
2SK innovationKomarom, Hungary, Plant 120207.57.5100,000
3Samsung SDIGoed, Hungary20202.520270,000by 2028
4Envision AESCSunderland, UK20102.52.540,000
5LeclancheWillstatt, Germany202012.340,000by 2024
6AMTE PowerThurso, Scotland20221570,000
7BolloreErgue-Gaberic, France20090.50.510,000
8AkasolLangen, Germany20180.30.820,000
9LiaconOttendorf-Okrilla, Dresden, Germany20190.30.310,000
10TesvoltGermany20200.250.2510,000Energy Storage
11Samsung SDI Battery SystemsPremstatten, Graz, Austria20150Former plant of Magna Steyr
12AMTE / BritishVoltBlyth, near Newcastle, UK20233535470,000
14BMZ / Terra & othersKarlstein, Germany?3434460,000
15Morrow BatteriesArendal, Norway2024832430,000
16ListromNorth Rhine Westphalia, Germany?3030400,000
17SK innovationIvancska, Hungary, Plant 32024530400,000
18Zorlu / GSR CapitalTurkey20222525340,000
19TeslaGruenheide, Germany202102503,340,000Gigafactory 2022
20Northvolt ZweiSalzgitter, Germany20241624320,000
22CATLErfurt, Thuringia, Germany2022141001,340,000
23MicrovastBrandenburg, Germany20211212160,000
24Northvolt EttSkelleftea, Sweden2021840540,000by 2024
25InobatVoderady, Bratislava, Slovakia20210.110140,000
26SK innovationKomarom, Hungary Plant 220229.816220,000
27Automotive Cell Company (SAFT/Stellantis)Hauts-de-France, France2023824320,000by 2030
28Automotive Cell Company (SAFT/Stellantis)Kaiserslautern, Germany2024824320,000by 2030
29Samsung SDIPlant 2, Goed, Hungary20217.57.5100,000
30Farasis EnergyBitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany2022616220,000
31SVOLTUberhelm, Germany2023624320,000
32Lithops / FAAMTeverola, Napoli, Italy20210.22.540,000(military, industrial and storage applications)
33FREYRMo I Rana, Norway202240540,000
34GSR CapitalTrollhättan, Sweden2020?25340,000
35PanasonicNorwayNot yet announced0MoU with Equinor & Norsk Hydro
36Blackstone ResourcesBraunschweig, Germany0Initially 100m battery cells
37Akasol – Gigafactory 1Darmstadt, Germany20212.5570,000
Data from ABB and Updated with press releases.

European Sites Map

Vulcan graphic shows the locations across Europe.

Lithium Gigafactories by March exceeds 1TWh Vulcan Investor Presentation April 2022
From Vulcan Shareholder presentation 2022 Jan