best-selling cars in USA

Over half of the best-selling vehicles in USA in 2022 are pick-up trucks with the top three selling vehicles the F150, Silverado and RAM. Toyota, Tesla and Honda had sedans or SUV in the top 10.

The Ford F-Series has been the best-selling vehicle for 41 years. Ford introduced an electric F150 Lightning and has seen strong demand but has struggled to keep up with supply. Others have announced electric models.

The Future

Tesla is introducing the pickup Cybertruck and announced that the first shipments will be in Q3 2023 but production will ramp  through 2024 to over 250,000. Some commentators including Cathy Wood from ARK Invest says that while light-duty trucks from traditional automakers have dominated the list of best-selling vehicles for years, it is at risk.

Tesla’s Cybertruck is the sleeper that could destroy the pricing structure of light duty trucks, the lifeblood of most traditional auto companies in the US,

Cathy Wood, Ark Invest

Best-Selling Vehicles in USA in 2022

RankManufacturerModelTypeEV StatusNumbers 2022
2ChevroletSilveradoPick-upFall 2023513,354
3StellantisRAMPick-upQ4 2024468,344
6TeslaModel YSUVElectric252,000
7General MotorsGMC SierraPick-up2024 Sierra EV241,522
From Kelly Blue Book
Data from Kellys Blue Book

Amid strong sales of traditional pickup trucks and a large number of reservations for the Cybertruck, expectations for Tesla’s new truck are running high. Company CEO Elon Musk even cautioned that expectations for 2023 could be too high.