Electric buses rolling out globally

We see electric car transition, pickup trucks, and the introduction of autonomous vehicles and Chinese cities have found electric buses save money, but in western countries for public transport operators are only starting to realise electric buses save money. Buses are built on top of bus chassis, so generally all truck manufacturers will provide their bare chassis for coach manufacturers to build on top of the chassis. There are over 460,000 electric buses in China. Europe has started replacement to electric, and the USA is just starting.

According to Bloomberg Electric Outlook in 2020, e-buses expected to be 67% by 2040.

Diesel Buses Cause Health Issues

According to the Clean Air Task force, adult exposure to diesel pollution contributes to 27,000 heart attacks, 14,500 hospitalizations and 2.4 million lost workdays each year. Evidence back 15 years ago showed that pollution from buses was a serious issue but until recently there has little economic options to reduce emissions. Electric buses provide that opportunity.

Moreover, there are nearly half a million school buses in the United States that transport more than 20 million children daily. A study in 2019 (Austin et al) showed decrease English and math skills when students were subjected to diesel bus fumes.

Contribution to Global Emissions

Along with contributing to the brown smog above many large cities, the transportation sector is responsible for nearly one-quarter of global energy-related CO2 emissions (UN Transportation Report). However, just 0.5% of the total U.S. public transit bus market consisted of electric buses at the end of 2017 compared with rates of 12-14% in Asia and Europe.

Electrifying public buses reduces costs and reduces harmful pollution.

USA to Increase Numbers of Electric Buses

President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes funding to expand the availability of clean buses in communities across the country. The US Government announced $1.47 billion in competitive grant funds to help modernize bus fleets and facilities across the country. FTA’s Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Program provided funding for next 5 years to help transit agencies purchase and rehabilitate buses, vans, and related equipment, and build bus facilities. For Fiscal Year 2022, approximately $372 million for grants will be available under this program. The politicians say manufacturing thousands of new, American-built buses will create jobs all over the nation, offering cleaner, faster and safer rides as we move toward a better transportation future.

China is the Leader in Electric Buses

The major bus manufacturers from China include BYD and Yutong. During 2020, a total of 61,000 new energy buses were sold by Chinese bus makers out of 150,000 units total.

RankingBrandsSales VolumeGrowth RateMarket share
3CRRC Electric5,503-25.7%9.01%
7King Long2,753-16.85%4.51%
Total Sales61,044-20.1%100.00%
E-Bus sales in China from https://www.sustainable-bus.com/electric-bus/chinese-new-energy-bus-market-2020/

Bus Manufactures (Global)

For a full list of manufacturers, check out the Wikipedia Page for all of the known e-bus manufacturers.

Will Sydney Electric Buses Save Money?

NSW of Australia has committed to change its 8,000 fleet of 8,000 buses by 2030 (NSW media) and have begun the process. Key to the success is the upgrading of bus depots with fast charging, batteries and electricity network management.

Electric Bus Manufacturers

ManufacturerCountryModelsAnnual SalesNotesWebsite
BYDChinaMultiple70,000Sold globallyBYD Buses USA site
AB VolvoSwedenTransdev, BZL Electric, 9700Stopped selling diesel buses in Europe. Bus has rapid charge (6 mins), 124m rangeVolva Buses
SEA ConversionAustralia, UK, USAMultiple10,000In Australia, based on Hino framSEA Electric Conversions
ProterraUSAZX51,000329m on single charge, develops own batteryProterra Global Site
VDL GroepNetherlandsCiteas3,000VDL has bus companies, vehicle manufactures. The Netherlands 500 electric VDL buses in more than 25 cities. 200 in Germany, Belgium 900 plus others VDL Groep Buses
YutongChinaYutong 12
25,000Largest ebus. 741 buses for Qatar World CupYutong Global Website
VariousGlobalMultipleOver 70 bus manufactures in 30 countriesFor a full list check out Wikipedia full list of e-bus Manufactures
Most buses are made by coach builders on a subframe from a truck or bus manufacturer. Specific bus manufacturers or bus to electric conversion units are listed and will be added to.


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Bloomberg Forecast for Electric Vehicles

From Bloomberg 2020 Electric Vehicle Outlook 2021