Fossil fuel company lies - personal carbon footprint

The Angry Clean Energy Guy , Assaad Razzouk says that fossil fuel company lies are beyond belief. Many think they breathe fresh air, but there are 9 million people who die each year because of air pollution linked directly to burning oil, coal and gas fossil fuels. More than Covid. That is more than 1/5th of annual deaths, and more than dying from smoking or malaria combined. That is just from burning fossil fuels. That does not include the extraction.

  • mining and health issues of miners or communities around mining
  • severe health issues around the mines
  • Destruction of ground cover
  • Buries streams
  • Once burnt, dump coal / fly ash into nature. Sometimes into regulated areas.
  • Coal ash silent killer, heavy metals go into water and communities then drink.

Fossil fuels companies set a trap. They transfer the damage from themselves to the individual. BP The notion of personal carbon footprint – through their activities

BP invented the personal carbon footprint. Spent 100m each 2004 to 2006 in a campaign called “beyond petroleum”. To subtlety put into our heads that we needed an individual response to climate change.

In published reviews from Harvard, Supran et al (Link is here for 2017), Scientific American 2021, Exxon had been systematically moved the responsibility to consumers. Harvard researchers looked at Exxon internal documents and articles over 50 years from 1977-2014. Exxon knew by 1984 that burning fossil fuels created climate change. But Exxon manipulated public opinion – said it was due to “energy demand from consumers”. They used sophisticated language and changed “fossil fuel combustion” to “energy demand of consumers”. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars to push climate change way out into the future, which may or may not happen, rather than the real and present danger today.

While Exxon was helping customers reduce their scale back their emissions of CO2 burning of fossil fuels, at the same time were expanding into new markets. They said that fossil fuels must be relied upon to meet societies immediate and near term needs. That fossil fuels would help poor countries deliver prosperity. Exxon and BP are more sophisticated today. Harvard Press 2021

Assaad Razzouk has a podcast and says every day, so many things that happen around the world make him angry when he looks at them with lenses colored by the climate change chaos unfolding everywhere around us. And he is especially angry because I know we can solve the climate change crisis if we were only trying. In episode 56, he talks about corporate evil: companies knowingly doing harm. In this episode, the Angry Clean Energy Guy features a Adarni from India which is overtly trying to greenwash its deeds by using children, while simultaneously – and boldly – trying to fry the planet.

Adani Adopting Same Lies & Strategy

Assaad goes through in detail about Adani, about using children and education.

They rebranded their company from Adarni to Bravus. Ironically, they thought Bravus meant brave and strong, but it actually means crooked or depraved in Latin! Goodness is imperative to growth. For a full review, checkout the RenewEconomy Article

  • Coal to plastic project
  • Exporting coal from Carmichael to India to burn coal for supply to Bangladesh.
  • Educating children with the same messages (

The Fossil Fuel company Lies Podcast by The Angry Clean Energy Guy Podcast 56

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