Grid battery rapid growth

The data from Tesla 1st quarter earnings report in Q12023 show the speed of grid batteries rapid increase is accelerating. For a fuller understanding of grid batteries check out this Tesla specific post or a more general post about grid and community batteries. Note that the total quantity deployed in Q12023 was larger than for the previous six months (Tesla Q12023 earnings report).

Lag Time for Grid Batteries Rapid Increase

The time for projects is between 3 – 9 months from production to installation. The USA is currently suffering from long delays for grid-tied. Payments may take require signoff by the energy company or regulator.

Tesla’s “deployed” numbers in their Quarterly Reports Megapack(s) are those that have been connected to the grid.

Tesla Grid Batteries Rapid increase with Q12023 more than half of the total of 2022
Image from Twitter @@dan_karau showing the increase in 2023 over the previous 6 years

Tesla Production Capacity is Exponential

The increase in production in 2023 from the 40GWh capacity from Lathrop and the potential production from Giga Nevada which was ~4.3GW in 2022. Will that rise to 10GW in 2023?

tesla grid Batteries Rapid increase shows future production ramp is exponential
Image from Twitter @dan_karau

What Is the Potential

Lathrop production targets are 40GW of batteries per year or 10,000 unit. The estimate of current production is 12 Megapacks per day, or about 1/3rd capacity.

The Nevada Gigafactory is increasing production. In 2022 90% plus of the 6,54GWh deployed came from Nevada! The expected increase will be to double.

Nevada may ramp to 10GWh in 2023

Images from inside Lathrop factory