direct lithium extraction technology low carbon

Direct lithium extraction processes are the engineering solution to add more value and extract more Lithium Carbonate equivalent from mining ventures especially in South America. The technology is focused on brines. Check out an overview of lithium for batteries

  • Reduction in cost
  • Faster process
  • Modular and therefore scalable.
  • Improvement in quantity of LiCO3 or LiOH recovered
  • Reduction in carbon needed

Methods of DLE

There are 3 primary technologies for DLE in brine.

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Different methods of DLE. Vulcan and Lake both intend to use DLE technology.

Companies using direct lithium extraction technologies

There are multiple technologies and the race is on to find the most effective.

direct lithium extraction companies
From Vulcan tweet

Vulcan Schemematic – geothermal energy plant. With the brine after using the energy for geothermal power then extract lithium and then finally reinjection of brine back into the ground.

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