Green hydrogen – energy storage

hydrogen bus trials

Hydrogen Bus Trials

Buses powered by Hydrogen are in the headlines – as the hydrogen industry try to muscle into the electric bus industry, With less than 0.1% of the global bus market – are they destined by by the BETA of tapes in 5 years?

hydrogen trains uneconomic

Hydrogen Trains Uneconomic

Germany introduced hydrogen FCEV trains from 2018 in Frankfurt and Saxony areas. LNVG as now gone to tender for over 100 all battery electric as hydrogen too expensive and H2 trains termed “misery trains”.

hydrogen for home heating

Hydrogen for Home Heating

Sophisticated modelling shows hydrogen for home heating is a non starter except in a few use cases and heatpumps and batteries provide a more effective solution to home energy use.

hydrogen motorcycle engines

Hydrogen Motorcycle Engines

Hydrogen for transportation won’t die, and the big 4 Japanese motorcycle manufacturers have joined together to develop hydrogen engines for motorcycles. But Why?

cult of hydrogen

Hydrogen Cult Madness

Is Hydrogen like a cult? Hydrogen cult madness? Proponents claim that H2 will solve the renewable energy transition challenges but the science evidence it wont.