Green hydrogen – energy storage

Ten reasons hydrogen cars are dead

Ten Reasons Hydrogen Cars are Dead

Hydrogen fuel cell cars are still promoted but they will be dead within 2 years due to emissions as bad as petrol cars, poor infrastructure and rapid improving charging and range with battery electric cars.

hydrogen battery storage versus lithium ion

Hydrogen Battery Storage

The cost of hydrogen is a key metric if hydrogen can be used as long term storage in the energy supply mix to overcome long durations of lack of sun or wind for renewable energy generation

Hydrogen storage and transport problems

Hydrogen Storage and Transport Problems

Hydrogen is touted as a good storage mechanism and can be added to existing gas heating systems, for aircraft and for transportation. But there are serious issues and unreal optimism.

green hydrogen uses

Green Hydrogen Opportunities

Green hydrogen has 3 challenges to be part of the energy mix. a) cheap manufacture. b) cheap transport and c) applicable uses. That journey has started..

5 hydrgen myths explained

Hydrogen Myths and Opportunities

Renewable green hydrogen is a myth when auto makers and fossil fuel companies say will transform the transportation network. Here are 5 simple reasons you need to dispel myths about hydrogen