EV vehicles increased in 2022

At a presentation at Cop27 in Egypt, Bloomberg NEF shows rapid EV Adoption increased in 2022 globally at an increasing rate. New buses were nearly 50% as they clearly show economic advantages, and the rise of the 3 wheel motorcycle is indicative of a rapid rise in lighter vehicles. Heavy trucks, although they contribute 18% of emissions yet are only 1.5% of the fleet shows why truck manufacturers are focusing on this area.

EV adoption Increased in 2022 from Bloomberg NEF talk
From Video vimeo.com/775747905 at Cop27

EV adoption Increased in 2022 Data

Vehicle% of Global SalesSize of EV  fleet% of total fleet
Buses49%0.818 m21%
Motorbikes39%287m21% 2 wheelers
70% 3 wheeler
Cars13%27 million2%
Light Trucks4%0.970.6%
Heavy trucks00.1%


Colin Mckerracher @colinmckerrache Head of transport and automotive analysis at  @BloombergNEF

Hannah Ritchie @_HannahRitchie, ◦ Deputy Editor at  @OurWorldinData, Researcher at @UniofOxford

Reference  vimeo.com/775747905

BEF Zero-Emission Vehicles Factbook, November 2022  – download here. https://assets.bbhub.io/professional/sites/24/2022-COP27-ZEV-Transition_Factbook.pdf