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GMG (Graphene Manufacturing Group) from Brisbane has developed graphene aluminium-ion batteries that could be the next big step change in battery technology! With a potential energy density of 900Wh/kg (or 4 times existing Lithium ion batteries), charging 60 times faster, a life cycle time of >3000+, it has the potential for step change for batteries for electronics, cars, trucks, planes and grid storage.

Battery by Good Luck?

GMG (see below) developed a low-carbon, very pure production system of graphene. An explanation of graphene can be found on Wikipedia. GMG looked around for uses, and began to sell the graphene for lubricants.

The breakthrough technology is from the University of Queensland’s (UQ) and the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. The battery cells use nanotechnology to insert aluminium atoms inside tiny perforations in graphene planes

They are following a 3 step process to commercialize.

  1. Prove the science – a single-layer coin and pouch battery.
  2. Extend to prototypes – 15 to 25-layer pouch batteries
  3. Extend further to make products with commercial applications (for EVs, trucks)
  4. Ramp a factory to produce volume.

Graphene Aluminium-Ion Batteries Potential

graphene aluminum-ion batteries comparison with LFP and NCM batteries
From GMG Corporate presentation.
  • Aluminium is 1000 times more available
  • ~10 times cheaper than Lithium
  • No Lithium needed – lower cost & less complicated supply.
  • Cathode: Graphene-coated metal foil
  • Anode: No coating – aluminium foil only so lower cost & less complicated to manufacture
  • Up to 60 Times Faster-charging
  • Safer (no risk of electrochemical fires)
  • Up to 3 x More Battery Life (tested to over 3000 cycles

Steps to Full Commercialisation

GMG has secured funding from companies including Rio Tinto (supply Al, has large mining fleet to decarbonise) and has other graphene products. As in the Cleanerwatt video and in their corporate plan they are planning to have a commercial product in the hands of customers by 2025.

  • Increase the voltage from 2v to >3.5v (for Bluetooth for consumer products, and for pouch size)
  • Refine the manufacturing process (prior to building the automation to build the pouches in volume and for specific use applications
  • Move from pilot production to full production.

GMG – The Company

GMG is a clean-technology company which seeks to offer energy saving and energy storage solutions,
enabled by graphene, including that manufactured in-house via a proprietary production process.
GMG has developed a proprietary production process to decompose natural gas (i.e. methane) into its
elements, carbon (as graphene), hydrogen and some residual hydrocarbon gases. This process
produces high quality, scalable, ‘tuneable’ and low/no contaminant graphene with low cost inputs
suitable for use in clean-technology and other applications. The Company’s present focus is to de-risk
and develop commercial scale-up capabilities, while continuing to develop and expand market
GMG is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (“TSXV”) under the ticker “GMG” and is also quoted on
Tradegate in Germany under “0GF”.

Graphene for HVAC Protectant

One application use for their graphene a coating for HVAC system. The THERMAL-XR® HVAC COATING SYSTEM is a unique method of improving the conductivity of corroded heat exchange surfaces and maintaining the performance of new units at peak levels. The process coats and protects heat exchange surfaces while improving and rebuilding the lost corroded thermal conductivity and increasing the heat transfer rate by leveraging the physics of GMG Graphene resulting in an efficiency improvement and a power reduction.

Graphene for Lubricants

G®LUBRICANT is a concentrate of GMG Graphene and lubricating oil (1%) that is designed for energy savings, emission savings and wear prevention. 

Graphene for Batteries

Using graphene and aluminium is another application and one that GMG is actively pursuing.

graphene aluminum-ion batteries development pathway

Further Reading

Video To View

CleanerWatt has a YT video and interviews GMG’s CEO Craig Nicol who explains a bit about this new battery tech and the their progress in commercializing these new batteries.

By CleanerWatt