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Fusion or Fiction

Fusion or fiction – can fusion actually provide essentially high quantities of low emission electricity. Or is another 30 years of research needed

nuclear renasance v4 - how companies are ripping off governments to promote nuclear

Nuclear Renaissance v4.0

Nuclear Renaissance v4.0 is sweeping the USA and UK. Even in Australia, some are pushing the barrow. Yet the data is unambiguous. Nuclear is 6-8 times more costly than renewables. Uninsurable. Old technology.

Nuclear Proponents Lack Economics

Nuclear Proponents Lack Economics

Many proponents of nuclear energy ignore the economics and try to dismiss them. Uranium is limited – estimated that if the world was all nuclearl, only 4 years of current supply. The cost to extract lower % uranium becomes prohibitive.

uranium mining for nuclear power Olympic Dam

Uranium Mining for Nuclear Power

Uranium mining for nuclear power and for nuclear weapons continues to have geopolitical implications along with the energy needed to refine the uranium to be used. there are 15 nuclear myths including SMR, waste, and subsidies. The availability of uranium drives the future of the nuclear energy industry; an upper limit on uranium prices will …

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