Climate Change

Climate change and net Zero is a compelling challengee

Fossil fuel subsidies are killing earth at $44 billion a year

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Killing Our Earth

Governments try to pick winners and provide subsidies. The subsidies for fossil fuel industry is enormous and is over $5.9 trillion or more than 6.8% globally. In Australia direct and indirect subsidies are over $44 billion and 3.2% of GDP

coal Mines To Reduce 80 By Percent

Mines To Reduce 80 Percent

A major global disruption will be the exit of coal from thermal electricity generations. Much coal is consumed within the country, but the 6 major exporters of coal will be impacted the most. New mines will not replace the loss of existing coal mines.

EU Bans Fossil Fuel Vehicles by 2035

EU Bans ICE Vehicles by 2035

The EU commission has voted to ban sales of all internal Combustion engines in cars buses trucks motorcycles by 2035 to achieve the carbon emissions reduction by 55% by 2030 from 1990 levels.