Climate Change

Climate change and net Zero is a compelling challengee

Cruise Ships Bad Polluters

Cruise Ships are bad polluters

47 of Luxury cruise liners owned by Carnival emitt more sulfur dioxide than all of Europes 260 million cars. Globally, the 70,000 ships emit 2.5% of CO2 emissions

Geoenginering for Climate warming

GeoEngineering for Climate Warming

Geoengineering for climate change proposes a number of strategies to remediate the emissions in the atmosphere. Mitigation is the cheapest and fastest, but remediation can provide a fire extinguisher if we do not make enough progress.

10 Climate Change Denier Arguments used in media

10 Climate Change Denier Arguments

Climate change myths are everywhere, given that $200 million a year is spent on climate denial by fossil fuel companies. Recognise the arguments and understand the tactics of fossil fuel companies to protect their stranded assets.

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