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The names of the top 20 China EV manufacturers let alone some of the 500 car manufacturers is not widely appreciated in the West. Only a few companies have recognisable brand names outside of China but the numbers are staggering. For a view on the increase in EV adoption globally check out this article. Wikipedia has a more complete list here

Growth of EVs In China

Sales of new EVs in China increased by 82% in 2022 compared to 2021, and that was a record over 2020. The country accounted for 59% of global EV sales last year, cementing its position as the world’s largest electric vehicles market. China is also the world’s biggest EV producer, with 64% of global volume. (see World Economic Forum). For a review of EV sales and rapid rise check out this article. China’s share of EVs sales hit 19 percent domestically. By March 2023, that had increased to 24% full EV and 33% combined BEV and PHEV

EV sales in April 2023 were 636,000 units, up by 110% year on year.

WEA Numbers Globally

top 20 china EV manufactures incresased sales by 82% from 2021 to 2022

Top 20 China EV Manufacturers 2021 & 2022 By Model

RankingModeModelSegmentBEV/ PHEVSales(Units)Share %YOY%2022 Sales2023 Q1
1WulingHonggaungMini carBEV395,45112%651%400,00069,842
2TeslaModel YMid SUVBEV169,8535%710,00094,647
3TeslaModel 3Mid CarBEV150,8905%60%124,45642,782
4BYDQin Plus DM-iMid CarPHEV110,9729713%315,28279,239
5Li XiangOneLarge SUVPHEV90,4913%304%133,246
6BYDHanLarge EVBEV117,0003%592%289,00038,314
7CheryeQ Mini ElectriMini carBEV76,9872%218%232,814
8BYDSong Pro DMMid SUVPHEV76,3842%797%1,850,000142,379
9ChanganBenni E-StarSmall ElectricBEV76,3812%658%259,000
10GACAion Smid-ElectricBEV62,2192%97%48,310
11Great WallOra Black CatCarBEV63,4922%133%
12XpengP7Large CarBEV60,5692%581%
13BYDQin PlusMid CarBEV55,2462%
14Great WallOra Good CatCompactBEV49,9902%2375%
15HozonNezha VSmall SUVBEV49,6462%1537%
16BYDTang DMLarge SUVBEV46,7831%228%32,873
17SAICRoewe CleverMini carBEV46,0021%412%
18XpengG3compact SUVBEV42,8981%267%
19NIOES6Large SUVBEV41,4741%80%
20BYDYuan (Atto)Compact SUVBEV40,5341%157%72,628
OtherOther Models1,431,109362100%
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Top Global BEV 2022

InsideEV have a graphic of top BEV – 7 out of the 10 are Chinese

top 20 Chinese manufactures in top global sales
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Top European Models 2022

Most European manufacturers produced about 50,000 models each – a third of what these Chinese manufacturers produced. The only vehicle was the VW ID.4 although Skoda and Dacia are all VW brands.

Shanghai Motor Show 2023

The Shanghai auto show in April was packed with Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) of all sorts, including concept cars, sports cars, and luxury cars. The event was a pivotal moment for China’s car industry: Foreign domination of China’s auto market was eclipsed by Chinese companies offering EVs whose performance, designs, and technologies match or exceed everything on offer from car companies in Germany, the U.S., and Japan.

From Top 15 Companies Sourced from China Passinger Car Association

Sales 2020 and 2021

The remarkable growth in EV sales figures in 2021 to 2022 caught western manufacturers by surprise.

top 20 chinese manufactures grew rapidly in 2020 and 2021

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