Electric Vehicles for Decarbonisation of the Transport Sector

death of ice cars in california

End of ICE Cars in California

The passing Advanced Clean Cars II proposal in California spells the end of ICE cars in the USA with over 40% of all new cars subject to reduction of new light cars and pickups from 35% in 2026 phasing to 100% by 2035

electric boats are here now and more coming

Electric Boats Are Slowly Coming to Market

Electri motors make sense for propulsion on the water – and Torqueedo is the global leader in electric boats. Battery weight and energy storage has limited the more widespread adoption, but with major personal sportscraft Bombideer bringing out models by 2026 expect to see more

EU Bans Fossil Fuel Vehicles by 2035

EU Bans ICE Vehicles by 2035

The EU commission has voted to ban sales of all internal Combustion engines in cars buses trucks motorcycles by 2035 to achieve the carbon emissions reduction by 55% by 2030 from 1990 levels.

EV Makers Going broke

EV Startups going Broke

Tesla and Ford are the only 2 american car companies that have not gone bankrupt. A number of aspiring EV companies at high financial risk as they move from protoptype to production hell.

Electric Vehicle Numbers Increasing 25% by 2025

Electric Vehicle Numbers Increasing

Electric vehicles are displacing conventional ICE vehicles and by 2025 Bloomberg NEF predicts 1 in 4 new cars will be electric. EVs have already displaced 1.5 million barrels of oil per day. Peak oil for transport will be by 2027.

Electric tractors models are increasing

Electric Tractor Models

Tractors is a very large industry globally and mostly diesel based with JCB announcing Hydrogen based emissions free tractors. A few companies have announced electric tractors in the smaller segment.