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Goal Setting Questions

Goal Setting Questions

Setting goals is a valuable exercise to allow focus and direction. These goal setting questions help not avoidance. The right approach, 10 minutes, and tools, goals can be valuable to life.

website preparation simple planning

8 Steps in Website Preparation

How do you get the right website for your business? Start planning. Start with who is going to visit your site, and what you want or how do you want your visitors to respond. This simple 8 point process helps smooth the design, construction and deployment of your business.

Improve productivity

10 things to make you more productive

10 things to make your life more productive.
Avoid meetings without an agenda
Never take a call from someone you don’t know.
Permanently turn off your voice mail
Sort your email with an app.
Disable email and texting when you need to focus
Give social butterflies short shift
Eat well
Take a walk.
Make your decisions more quickly.
Disconnect for 12 hours each day.