Memes for climate deniers and climate delayers

Finding and remembering memes for climate deniers and delayers is a full time job. In social media or in print or digital media comments can verge on ridiculous. Check out the tactics that trolls or climate deniers have here. Myths for nuclear proponents are here in detail. Renewable energy is coming as are electric vehicles. But we know that facts and figures are unlikely to sway climate deniers or climate delayers.

Facts – Not memes for climate deniers and delayers.

The evidence is clear. Facts may not change climate deniers minds, but humour might. And fun creating them.

“Once formed, impressions are remarkably perseverant.”

New Yorker – Why Facts Don’t change our Minds

Turns out habits of mind that seem weird or goofy or just plain dumb from an “intellectualist” point of view prove shrewd when seen from a social “interactionist” perspective.

Originally by Jon Adams from New Yorker

Mining Coal versus Silicon

UK Nuclear Power Versus Transmission

Lets Play Bingo – Climate Change

Just part of the natural cycleIt’s not due to UsIt’s still ColdClimate Change does not affect AsthmaThere is nothing to do
Warming might be good1 degree is no big dealsolar flares cause the problemMore important things to tackleClimate change does not affect CV disease
Natural disasters are not affected by global warmingClimate change does not affect mental healthClimate change has not affected anyone yet.Climate change is a future problemrenewable energy is expensive
climate change does not affect Lyme diseaseCO2 is not the causeCO2 has no effect on the nutritional value of foodWarming has pausedClimate models are wrong
Scientists do not agree on climate changeClimate change will not affect mePlants need CO2Climate Change in not harmful to healthClimate change does not cause premature death

Lets Play Bingo – Batteries

Big Battery Bingo

Bingo – Nuclear Proponents

Nuclear Proponents Bingo

LNP COALition in Australia – A dying Conservative?

Demographics for australia - the conservatives are dying
The Liberal and National Parties or COALition is targeting their dying base of older conservatives. Are they forgetting the 15 to 18 year olds who will vote in the next election?
meme faster horse
Memes for Climate Deniers and Delayers - wind turbine noise
Memes for Climate Deniers and Delayers – Wind turbines
Memes for Climate Deniers and Delayers Changing renewable electricity South Australia
Memes for Climate Deniers and Delayers agrivoltics
death of ice cars