Disruption is combination of technologies

Societal disruption from technology

Changes to Society from Disruptions

The development of multiple streams of technology leads to disruption of an industry or society. What can be done to ensure that disruption provides value to all, and not just a few.

rupture point of disruption by Tony Seba

3 Disruptions 8 Technologies by Tony Seba

Disruption areas of energy, transportation, and food are driven by 8 technolologies that combine to change the planet. Solar, wind, batteries, automonous driving, precision fermentation and cellular agriculture.

2 percent GDP for net zero - how a little amount goes a long way

2 Percent GDP for Net Zero

It looks like we need to spend 2 percent GDP for net zero or (1.5 degrees) of climate change. Climate Change challenge is a chronic worsening of the climate and 187 countries through Cop26 and the Paris Accord have targeted to hold climate change to net zero or 1.5 degrees of warming. We focus on …

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