Batteries for EV vehicles

New battery Chemistry compared

New Chemistry Battery Comparison

Improvements in battery chemistry and form factors is leading to a learning curve of 15% annually for energy density and price. Compare these new battery chemistries

top 20 lithium ion battery manuafacturers globally

Top 20 Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers

The top 20 lithium ion battery manufacturers manufacture over 1TW of batteries annually and on a ramp up to produce over 3 TW per year – on the way to 250TW needed for total electrification of grid and transportation,

graphene aluminium-ion batteries blog

Graphene Aluminium-Ion Batteries by GMG

The graphene aluminium-ion batteries developed by GMG promises a radical improvement compared with the lihium batteries currently the workhorse for transportation and grid energy with 4 times more energy, long life, fast charging, non flamable and cheaper.

Iron air batteries for grid storage

Iron Air Batteries

Ion air batteries for grid scale batteries target cost is $20KWh by 2030. Well funded, Form Energy is building a 12GW factory in Iowa, and has pilot and first plants under construction to be