Toyota No-EV Strategy fails Japan

Toyota No-EV Strategy Risks Japan’s Economy

Cars are a major contributor to Japans economy with 5.5m or 24% of employees, and contribute 14% of all exports. Toyota’s no-ev strategy could mean Japan loses 14% of its GDP and $700 billion of exports as other EV makers overtake Toyota globally.

Germany's Russian Gas Failure

Germany’s Russian Gas Disaster

Germany made a decision to build a new gasline from Russia – the Nordstream 2 for 11 billion. They could have invested the same in wind power and now save themselves $200 million per day of cost.

5 disruptions by cathie wood and 14 technologies

5 Disruptions by Cathie Wood

The investment fund ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood explains the 5 disruptions happeing now and the 14 underlying technologies which form the basis of their investment strategy.

rupture point of disruption by Tony Seba

3 Disruptions 8 Technologies by Tony Seba

Disruption areas of energy, transportation, and food are driven by 8 technolologies that combine to change the planet. Solar, wind, batteries, automonous driving, precision fermentation and cellular agriculture.