Misinformation about Nuclear in France

Misinformation about Nuclear in France

France is the poster child of nuclear, but that is a myth. Dig the numbers out and it is a huge financial burden on Frence taxpayers with hundreds of billions of liability.

15 myths of nuclear power

15 Myths of Nuclear Power

There are over 15 myths of nuclear power touted by deniers as fossil fuels are displaced by the renewable energy techologies of wind solar and battery

nuclear vs renewable energy for 100% of demand

Is renewable energy cheaper than nuclear

Some argue for nuclear as the basis of the Australian electricity energy but the data says nuclear would be more than 2.2 times the cost of renewable energy with sufficient battery storage of 20GW.

nuclear smr reactors are still in development

Nuclear SMR Reactors

Nuclear SMR Reactors are small and modular and it is proposed they overcome 2 of the conventional nuclear issues, cost and refuelling. In reality, they are still a decade or more away from commericalisation and the value is yet to be confirmed.

nuclear power not an option

Nuclear Power Not An Option

The conclusion is clear: Nuclear power not a sensible option. It fails on multiple front – technology, economic and political, yet the industry continues to push for nuclear as a viable option for decarbonisation in the next 20 years.

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