Electric vehicles

tesla semi reduces costs

Tesla Semi Compelling Economics

The Tesla Semi large truck will be at least 84% cheaper for fuel costs than equivalent large diesel trucks. Combined with more torque, regenerative braking increased purchase costs suggest less than a 2 year payback.

combination new battery technology

Combination New Battery Innovation

Using a long lasting LFP battery in combination with an anode free battery with shorter lifespan is the approach taken by Our Next Energy. Like a petrol battery hybrid, the combination provides 1000 km of range, and long life.

Top 2 EV Batteries Globally

CATL announcement of their Qilin battery pack to be in production by 2023 exceeds Tesla’s 4680 battery and both exceed all other global batteries

electric boats are here now and more coming

Electric Boats Are Slowly Coming to Market

Electri motors make sense for propulsion on the water – and Torqueedo is the global leader in electric boats. Battery weight and energy storage has limited the more widespread adoption, but with major personal sportscraft Bombideer bringing out models by 2026 expect to see more