tesla semi reduces costs

Tesla Semi Compelling Economics

The Tesla Semi large truck will be at least 84% cheaper for fuel costs than equivalent large diesel trucks. Combined with more torque, regenerative braking increased purchase costs suggest less than a 2 year payback.

Tesla grid and home batteries

Tesla Grid and Home Batteries

Tesla has led innovation into grid, industrial and home storage with their range of batteries. The lines are blurred with home batteries now providing grid virtual power plant services.

CO2 Storage technology

CO2 Battery Technology

Batteries made from CO2 compression and expansion have moved from lab to deployment. Offering low cost, longer term storage utilising standard equipment.

agromining minerals

Agromining Minerals from Plants

Agromining using hyperaccumulator plants would be a very profitable crop in the tropics. Research from University of Queensland shows promise from nickel.

Green steel technologies

Green Steel Technology and Costs

Steel accounts for 6% of global emissions. With a small number of iron ore miners and steel producers – what are technologies to de carbonise the industry?