Mineral resources needed for transformation

direct lithium extraction technology low carbon

Direct Lithium Extraction

Direct Lithium extraction (DLE) provides faster extraction of lithium from brines, reduction of costs, increased recovery and opportunity for reduction in energy and carbon inputs.

Lithium from Chile is 20% of worlds supply

Lithium from Chile

Lithium from Chile, Argentina and Bolivia makes up 20% of the current supply, with China and Australia the majority of the rest. Intense exploration and extraction is in full swing.

China EV Battery Demand explodes

China Battery Demand from EVs

EV produciton in China is booming, and the battery market is racing to keep up with demand and supply. China will get to 20% of EV new car sales by the end of 2021 4 years ahead of 2025. Six battery companies provide 47% of the global demand for batteres.

lithium shortfall for gigafactories

Lithium Shortfall for GigaFactories

It takes 2 years to build a battery gigafactory. But it takes 7 or more years to develop a mine. While there is plenty of lithium on the planet, it isn’t being extracted and refined quickly enough to keep up with the rapidly growing demand for batteries.

200 battery gigafactories in construction globally

Battery Gigafactories

Over 200 Gigafactories have been constructed or in construction or announced. There are in many countries around the world and are needed to produce the 80 million cars each year and the GW of energy Grid Storage.

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