Electric Vehicles for Decarbonisation of the Transport Sector

v2g will disrupt electricity as we know it

V2G Will Disrupt Electricity As We Know It

The advent of vehicle to grid technologies will disrupt the electric car and the electricity supply in Australia. This will be within 5 years is best prediction for the disruption occurring under our eyes.

More charging stations than gas stations

More Charging Stations than Gas Stations

There are more charging stations than gas stations in some countries. What is increasing though is the number of high power / fast charging power facilities. Every country is deploying hundreds or thousands.

electric trucks are here now

Electric Trucks Are Here

Electric trucks have been slowly entering the market from all the major manufacturers, and businesses are catching onto the savings and applications. Transition will be steady as the capital to change from conventional to electric will be intensive.

EV Pickups are coming in 2022 to 2025

EV Pickups are Coming

Electric pickup trucks are coming. In China they are here already, but the love affair of the Pickup in USA or Australia, from big to small is coming over then next 4 years.

Global car sales by country revenue and numbers

Global Car Sales

Who are the major car manufacturers globally, and what disruption will be coming with electric vehicles. Who will be the winners and loser?

Ev replaces fuel imports

EV Replaces Petrol Imports

The value to Australia for coal exports is less than the cost to import petrol and diesel. Australia should transition to EVs as fast as possible to improve the balance of payment and reduce carbon emissions and save consumers money.