Electric Vehicles for Decarbonisation of the Transport Sector

Electric Vehicle Numbers Increasing 25% by 2025

Electric Vehicle Numbers Increasing

Electric vehicles are displacing conventional ICE vehicles and by 2025 Bloomberg NEF predicts 1 in 4 new cars will be electric. EVs have already displaced 1.5 million barrels of oil per day. Peak oil for transport will be by 2027.

Electric tractors models are increasing

Electric Tractor Models

Tractors is a very large industry globally and mostly diesel based with JCB announcing Hydrogen based emissions free tractors. A few companies have announced electric tractors in the smaller segment.

10 electric vehicle myths debunked

10 Electric Vehicle Myths Debunked

Every new techology and disruption will have myths and falsehoods about how it will never happen. Here are 10 myths about electric cars – and many more to come.

Autonomous vehicles saves lives

Autonomous Vehicles Saves lives

Autonomous vehicles saves lives is without question with current data showing 6 times less accidents per million miles driven. Widespread adoption will save Australia alone $30 billion per year with 1400 less deaths and 46,000 less hospitalization.

Electric buses rolling out globally

Electric Buses Save Money

Electric buses have been widely adopted in China but the rest of the world has been slower in uptake. Over the past 12 months cities and governments have increased their support for wider adoptions.