Batteries for EV vehicles

Pumped hydro as a battery

Pumped Hydro as a Battery

Hydro power is about 10% of the global energy production, but pumped hydro is being pursued as part of the solution for intermittent storage in renewable energy

Lithium amount in EV battery

Lithium amount in EV battery

What is the real figure of amount of lithium in a battery. The quantity of 6kg is elemental lithium. The quanty of Lithium carbonate equivalalent or LCE is used in mining circles and the quantity is about 60 kg. A large opportunity for efficiency improvement is clear.

home and community battery storage provides support for cheaper power

Home and Community Battery Storage

Home and community battery is a smart way to reduce transmission costs and to improve reliablity of renewable energy. Losses in transmission are about 10% and batteries cost much the same whether close to consumers or at a solar farm.

new battery techologies

Lithium Battery Improvements

While lithium ion batteries are the mostly widely used, other battery technologies are avalable that are competitive in some applications. Numerous other battery chemistries are in R&D phase